We have come a long way since the doors opened here 11 years ago at Crystal Coast Interiors. The owner Cathy DiMauro has a philosophy about how she approaches every project, “We are all about the quality of our work and take pride in it. The number one goal for us is customer satisfaction and the customer to walk away really happy.” She feels that things are always evolving and it is essential to evolve and be willing to modify the approach to every project to make things work, “Nothing ever stays the same and you have to accept the evolution to stay current and do the best quality work”.

Beth and Cathy

Cathy DiMauro and Beth Reid

Crystal Coast Interiors project managers and designers like to begin each project with meeting you right at your boat. Our design team will travel anywhere to do this to ensure that we see everything inside and outside of the boat to offer you the best possible design. Both of our lead designers, Cathy Di Mauro and Beth Reid, like for there to be continuity between the interior and exterior design of the boat, even if it’s a tie-in with one fabric selection.

Beth flying

Beth Reid flying to meet a client on their boat!

We design and fabricate custom cushions for dinettes, settees, and other types of furniture. We create cushions for new construction, refits and re-upholstery of existing cushions. The cushions can be for built-in furniture or loose cushions on an existing structure. Our designers work with our clients to determine what they want and how to make it all work. If a client is unsure of what they want, we work with them to select something that they will enjoy for years to come. We determine the textile to be used based on its purpose, desired comfort level, durability, weave, and pattern if applicable. For instance, if a boat is a charter boat that sees a lot of action and may have a lot of rods, reels and tackle thrown on the cushions, we look for something that can take a beating. We also make custom cushion and mattress covers for added protection.

Liberty Call



P1060380All of the custom cushions that we make for boat interiors have been designed and fabricated using both luxurious and durable fabrics. Our design team prefers cushion fabrics from companies such as J. Ennis, Ultra Fabrics, Nappa Tile, and Moore and Giles. Our design team stays abreast of the current products available and design trends to ensure that they offer only the very best! Crystal Coast Interiors can also design and fabricate all of the toss pillows, bedding, headboards, shower curtains, carpet runners, door mats, interior window covers, and interior curtains, and more, for your boat’s interior.


We are able to create patterns to make cushions from the existing structure, a client’s existing cushions, and sometimes from pictures and drawings with accurate measurements. Builder's Choice Dinette photoCrystal Coast Interiors can make any type of cushion for a boat’s interior such as double-bolster back cushions, box-style cushions with top-stitching, wedge-back cushions and seat cushions that have knee-kicks, just to name a few. We have fabricated and installed custom cushions for some tight spaces and seating that has curvilinear design proportions. At Crystal Coast Interiors we offer a variety of foams with various densities and firmness’s. We have become proficient in the art of sculpting foam to create a cushion that is both comfortable and looks sharp.foam photo

Ms. Barbara Spell, Custom Seamstress

Ms. Barbara Spell, Custom Seamstress

We factor in all of the elements in the space our custom cushions will be placed, how the cushion will be used, and the ergonomic design of the space. A cushion’s design and how it will be installed are very important to us. We have to determine if the seating has a fiddle to keep the cushions in place or whether we will have to install Velcro or snaps to prevent slippage and misshaping over time. Some cushions must have some sort of board fabricated inside on the bottom or back underside for added support and we only use the best products available on the market. Crystal Coast Interior’s Fabrication Shop Manager and custom seamstress Elizabeth Lewis’ philosophy is, “We try to minimize drilling holes into the boat’s structure. It’s all about what our customer likes and wants as far as looks, comfort, and function.” Everyone involved in our projects puts a great deal of thought and testing to determine what will work best for each situation.

Elizabeth Lewis photo

Elizabeth Lewis, Fabrication Shop Manager and Custom Seamstress.


When our cushions are complete, we like to do a “dry fit” to ensure that everything is perfect and if any alterations are needed. We want our customers to sit comfortably on our cushions and be extremely satisfied and we consider everything to ensure this. We apply this same attention to detail when designing and fabricating our exterior cushions.Crystal Coast Interiors, CC Interiors

Stay tuned for our follow up story about our exterior cushions and contact us to get started on your boat’s cushions! Check out our website at www.ccinteriors.us or just give us a call at (252)728-5553. Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

About Crystal Coast Interiors…

Crystal Coast Interiors is based in Beaufort, North Carolina but we will travel anywhere in the U.S. to meet the needs of our clients. Since 2003, we have been offering premier custom marine interior and exterior design and fabrication services. At Crystal Coast Interiors we offer the best quality products available on the market to our customers and create beautifully tailored soft goods and top quality furnishings to meet their needs. Visit our website to learn more at https://ccinteriors.us/.



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