Approximately four years ago, Cathy DiMauro, the owner here at Crystal Coast Interiors was pondering the evolution of “old school” Carolina sport-fish boat design and the new integration of curves. She wondered why no one had given any thought to adding curvature to one of the trade’s standard tools: the step box. Cathy decided to research step boxes on the market and found that the same boxy design was still out there with no improvement on its looks to compliment the new and innovative boat designs being created. She thought issues such as safety (a historical subject with step boxes- to be discussed later), overall function, and storage capabilities needed to be improved upon. Cathy dove in and began trying her hand at developing a design.Foam Plug

Cathy began the process by researching all the components of existing step boxes on the market and the design and application of plug and mold fabrication, materials used, hardware, and finishes.

Cathy with Mold

With her many years of boat design experience, time on the water, and her knowledge of current products available, she began looking at ways to make the long over-looked step box evolve with the changes in boat design. At every stage of her design process she planned, researched and went through trial and error before moving forward with each component of her new step box design. Cathy believed in keeping everything “local” and proudly can say that The Step Box is all American made.Cathy with the Plug

Safety has always been an issue with step boxes on boats. It seemed logical to Cathy to start examining ways that her new design could compensate for the issues of foot slippage and falls due to imbalance and instability. How many times have any of us experienced this first hand climbing on or off-board or witnessed someone else slip or have a fall? Cathy decided that her step box would have a low center of gravity with a wider base and that the lid for an inside storage compartment should be smaller than the boxes it sits on. All of these features ensure good stability and that the lid will not flip up at the hinged side and cause an injury. Recently Cathy came across a great article about safety considerations with step boxes on sport-fishing boats in the March 2014 issue of Marlin Magazine. It cited how many people in the industry overlook basic safety design issues and maintenance of step boxes. This article was another little affirmation of what Cathy had been thinking all along.20140827_134740

Keep a sharp lookout for the next blog post so you can learn more about the finished product and its features. The Step Box handcrafted by us here at Crystal Coast Interiors, is the only step box you will ever need! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and check out our website: to order yours today. Now get out there and have some fun out on the water!

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